Find work locally

A friend of yours is going to move into your area, what experiences would you share with them, encouraging them or discouraging them to make this move?:

I’d tell them to find work locally that didn't require Freeway access. Make sure they live within walking distance from schools and shops as the bus service is terrible. Don't try using the trains as they are massively overcrowded and impossible to get to (especially if it rains) due to road congestion.

If there is anything you or others in your community have done to overcome issues in your area, please describe them.:

Lobby, lobby and oh yes lobby a bit more to get Local, State, and Federal funding to support the massive infrastructure needs of the greater West Melbourne precinct - no outcome to date.

If one great thing was going to happen in your area next year, what would you want it to be?:

a new train line to Point Cook!


From Resident, Point Cook, Vic