Lots of amenities, good for kids but lacking police and government support

A friend of yours is going to move into your area, what experiences would you share with them, reassuring them to make this move?:

Lots of parks and schools close by. Lots of amenities, shopping centres and local areas. Good for kids. Local friends etc.

A friend of yours is going to move into your area, what experiences would you share with them, discouraging them to make this move?:

High crime, lack of police support, on calling police or council, nothing much is done and "high wait times" or "Lack of resources" quoted. Lots of graffiti. Violent neighbours and neighbourhood issues at times. Council cancels programs from year to year. On calling council to increase funding, nothing is done for youth or increasing local sports etc.

If there is anything you or others in your community have done to overcome issues in your area, please describe them.:

Joined action groups for local issue in local area, issue was resolved eventually when action was taken.
Called local council numerous times, and nothing has been done about crime in local area. Spoken to local member, still nothing is done.

General lack of resources in area. Lack of health resources. Pigeon holed by postcode, meaning lower hospital resources, on complaint to local member, suggested new hospital and health, however, this is not in our area at this time. Still long wait times for health (I got quoted 18 months for 1 test) and daughter waiting for 7 months plus for operations.

What were the outcomes of these efforts?:

Increasing crime. Nothing being done to tackle issue or improve the situation. No new lighting or security or attempts to move on people doing drugs at local parks. Suggestions from a couple of residents ignored.

Neighbours moved out over many years from government housing, after continual calls to the police. This was continual for many years of living here. New neighbours better.

No increase in funding to hospitals. Wait lines still long.

Government now doing cuts to government services.

If one great thing was going to happen in your area next year, what would you want it to be?:

Increased funding. Increased neighbourhood activities.

I have lived in this area for many years. Similar issues years back. Lack of police and government support to area.

What I have heard from police is ridiculous.

From Resident from City of Gosnells, WA