Point Cook has a great community spirit but public transport is a joke

A friend of yours is going to move into your area, what experiences would you share with them, encouraging them or discouraging them to make this move?:

I would tell them that Point Cook has a great community spirit. It has the wetlands and is close to the bay. The community is very family orientated. But the traffic to get to work is horrendous. Public transport is a joke and only runs every 20 mins. Even getting a car spot at the local train station after 7:30 is a no go. When I say 'local' station, it's actually across the freeway, in another suburb and will take you 40 mins to get there, yep that’s correct 40 mins to the station. Child care is also an issue as are schools. I barely see my husband as he leaves for work at 6:30 and gets home close to 8pm. So work/life balance goes out the window, which affects our emotional, social, mental and physical health. I show my 1 yr old pictures of her dad as she doesn't see him 5 days a week.

If there is anything you or others in your community have done to overcome issues in your area, please describe them.:

We ALL complain, no one listens. I've suggested things to alleviate things on Point Cook resident page. We leave earlier and earlier for work, so that we don't lose our jobs. The PCAG lobby the local council.

If one great thing was going to happen in your area next year, what would you want it to be?:

A train station in Point Cook

From Resident, Point Cook, Vic