Terrible traffic from 4PM onwards and also in the morning.

A friend of yours is going to move into your area, what experiences would you share with them, reassuring them to make this move?:

Lots of trees still and where I live in Mernda, nice places to walk and kids to play. Usually feel quite safe in my home, mix of cultures and people from other backgrounds.

A friend of yours is going to move into your area, what experiences would you share with them, discouraging them to make this move?:

Terrible traffic from 4pm onwards and also in the morning, sporadic public transport, not enough parking at the South Morang train station, Westfield Shopping Centre taking over that whole part of Mill Park/ South Morang. To go straight on McDonalds Rd you have to turn right at Westfield, otherwise you're coralled into the shopping centre like sheep.

Too many Coles, Woolworths, Bakers Delights and other big chains in the area. The area is losing it's personality and soul and is becoming a very generic estate developer's idea of a 'community'. Mernda market being moved to Whittlesea was bad and any unique local businesses left are not being given assistance to be visable, how can they compete with the big concrete boxes like the Mernda Villages complex? A truly awful genericised place.

Developers building 'townhouses' and charging a mint for them when we're nowhere near town. Somehow residents are being duped into squashing themselves into these townhouses where they share walls with their neighbours and have no front yard without the benefit of being in an inner suburb. I would reccommend to anyone moving in not to fall for this trap, living this far out of the city, the fact that we have a bit more land than those in inner suburbs is the biggest thing we have going for us.

If one great thing was going to happen in your area next year, what would you want it to be?:

I'd like no more big concrete box style stores to be built and I'd like the Mernda town centre when it is built to be in keeping with the other buildings on the Bridge Inn Rd/ Plenty Rd intersection and have some soul and be a truly unique place. The worst thing would be if that corner housed a big four-sided concrete wall structure, how would we be different to anywhere else?

From Skye of Mernda