The Community Voice is Getting Louder in Point Cook

A friend of yours is going to move into your area, what experiences would you share with them, encouraging them or discouraging them to make this move?:

I would advise them, unless working locally, don't settle in Point Cook.  Traffic congestion is worsening and despite leaving earlier and earlier, my arrival at work is getting later and later. I'd only have to show the comments on the Point Cook residents’ page and photos of the traffic, that would be more than enough. I would also mention that there is a great spirit of community.

If there is anything you or others in your community have done to overcome issues in your area, please describe them.:

The community voice about the poor infrastructure in Point Cook is getting louder with greater support. The community is now engaging with others and trying to put forward views and suggestions on the infrastructure problems and over growth of the area.  Issues are now getting more media attention and as a result council is now taking note.

If one great thing was going to happen in your area next year, what would you want it to be?:

All new housing developments and rezoning to cease immediately until the infrastructure is built and effective.

From Resident, Point Cook, Vic